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Getting quotes for service?

How long does that usually take? 22 days ago I was told I'd have a quote the following week, but even after a couple follow-up emails I've not seen a thing.


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I similarly have been waiting weeks to find out if our neighborhood in Pittsford is already in the Greenlight Network and I am hoping to get an answer because I am very eager to become your client if possible.


Ray Bender


Hey Jacques, did your neighborhood get approved as a greenlight neighborhood yet? For us, we had a large group 20+ folks sign up showing interest for service over the past year and about a month ago we were contacted to to confirm that enough interest was shown that they were planning future rollout. After that, there was a week-long opportunity to sign up with a small deposit. We met the minimum requirement of folks officially signing up about two weeks ago and they are now starting the fiber buildout in our neighborhood. One of my neighbors said they talked to a rep and we should get installation complete early February. It's a long process, I understand their reasoning behind it all but our best bet was to generate pure excitement in through our neighborhood forum on Good luck with it; I didn't think they are taking individuals to sign up yet. You know how to find me if you have more Qs.

This is for a business. They service the area and came out to do a site survey to determine the installation costs, but nothing yet :(

I think they have more business and demand than they can handle.

You've got that right Jacques! Have you seen their Facebook page? 100s of folks asking for them to come to their neighborhood. Barriers of entry in this of business is pricey though...I don't blame them for having this business model but I'm betting it's frustrating for alot of potential customers. I actually used to have an apartment in the South Wedge area where they were building out last fall but we moved last summer and I worked really hard to get the number of neighbors interested needed to get them to commit. The best bet is to get enough your neighbors to sign up then roll the dice if they are along an existing underground route as that is a large majority of the cost to get a new neighborhood on board.

Steve ... what specific information can you provide about what the minimum numbers are before they will commit to do the cost analysis for install?

I don't have specifics, I don't work for them but I know we had at least 20 commitments and about 10-15 signups. I'm betting the cost to build out to our neighborhood was low because I think the old folks condos across the street and down a few blocks had Greenlight already but I may be mistaken--it may have been closer to jump from the South Wedge where they have a number of installs. I am not sure where the next nearest neighborhood is.

We started with Nextdoor for our neighborhood in Penfield and I believe we have enough people signed up.  Now what?  How will we be notified?

How many is 'enough people signed up'?
What do you mean you started with 'Nextdoor'??

The best way to get the word out is if  you have a neighborhood association--and our neighborhood has a group on It took years to get about 80% of our neighborhood on board with just the website but it's good for neighborhood planning, etc so that might not be an option for folks.

I'm sure the expense of running the underground fiber to the neighborhood is how the determine how many folks need to sign up so I'm sure this varies. I saw that a few people have posted on their facebook page and got an official response of how many have signed up and how many more are needed before they get that neighborhood in the queue. We all got emails: "You and enough your neighbors have signed-up on our website to let us know that you're interested in our fiber-optic Internet service, so we've created a Greenlight District just for you." At that point enough people had to commit for $10 over the next week or two and we made that cut. After that it was just waiting for the buildout and that's taken a few weeks too. Sure, it's frustrating that it takes this much to get a business to get you service but you have to look at it from a small-business-with-limited-capital-point-of-view...I'm getting my install completed next week and I'm sure it'll be worth the wait for superior service, lower costs and to rid my house of Time Warner!

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