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Speeding up turtle speed connections

I find the troubleshooting instructions very slim. What can I try beyond what tech helped me to set up and what is not suggested on the GL website?

Hi Salvatore,

Did you get your speed issue resolved?

Could you run a speed test from this site and then share the results link?


Hello William..... Thank you for your email. I will check the speed again. The lesson that I have learned is that if I ran GL I might extend thr installation service to include the possibility of having the installer be able to do whatever is nevessatry tso that wjen he/she leaves a job, everything is working. So GL could have a per hour fee schedule so that GL will be paid and customers like me would be happy to pay so that I have no aggravation and am pleased with my experience. First off, GL might tell customers to upgrade their routers prior to installation. Or, bring a decent router to the job so that the job is done well and again the customer gets the product he/she THINKS he/she should get. I am not asking GL to lose money. I am suggesting that especially in a town like Brighton or Pittsford, people will pay for a job well done. Service has been a weak link in the GL business model. I give this feedback because I want GL to succeed and because I have learned from my experience what should have occured during my installation. I still do not have my wireless printer connected to the network . Also, the network connection turns off frequently. I have to go back to settings and reconnect to a network. This is an additional slowdown. I need to move the modem and router to a better place: it is on my workbench. Sam

Hi Sam,

That's an excellent idea and I'm sure that someone at Greenlight has already been thinking about this type of service. I think they are just trying to keep their operations as simple as possible so that they can focus their resources on growing their customer base without adding too much additional operational overhead.

My guess is that it's more complex than simply offering you an hourly rate for additional installation and setup services. They would also have to have additional staff to provide phone support in case something breaks sometime in the future. From my own personal experience people usually call the person or company that installed a particular item if problems show up later on.

If you tell me some more about your home network and what types of devices you'd like to setup then maybe I can be of some assistance. I offer computer and network consulting services in case you are still looking for some additional IT help.

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