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Virginia Colony

What's the latest status on the Virginia Colony phase II build out?

The last email I got mentioned something about waiting for permits. Could you mention what permits you need so that I can see if I can get this process expedited? 

Also for future planning purposes you might want to look at using data from to determine the existing internet deployment density for a given neighborhood by using wifi access point data collection. For example below is map of my neighborhood with data that I collected using an app on my phone. Each of the dots represents a unique wifi access point.

So if I am understanding this correctly there are other Greenlight eligible neighborhoods that have a higher demand for service than Virginia Colony and you are prioritizing your roll-outs based on the number of interested customers.

How many more customer signups would you need for Virginia Colony to move up the line?

Interesting tool...haven't seen it before.  Permits aren't the issue, it's demand relative to other areas that is the delay. 


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