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Deadline ETA for Pending Area's

So just a question in general as I've now been waiting for 6 months + for Greenlight Service is there a hard cap as to when you're going to be building into Cobb Terrace Phase II, or are you just footing the expansion plans for other areas with mine, and others deposit. 

Not that I don't want a better internet but come on, when additional districts are being added after ours, and other districts are above your expansion plan goals, where is that extra expansion money going to?

Can I get an ETA, are you guys (GreenLight Networks) canvassing the area's you've setup on foot or car. 

I've done my fair share of work, and passed out door hangers to my neighborhood Phase 1 and 2 when they were all 1 group. 

Expecting a call back or something as to an ETA. 

Yeah I'm also wondering what the status of Virginia Colony phase II is.

It would be great if there was an up to date map of all of the neighborhoods that Greenlight is servicing. Not just a list of ones that are awaiting signups or are under construction.

If we can't have an ETA then there should at least be a list of all of the pending neighborhoods sorted by priority at which they are being worked on.

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So still no update on this, but my region is at an amazing 58%... maybe I can get some flyers and just canvas the neighborhood saying with something like 

"We're almost ready to build, we just need # of registered customers" 

Would be pretty awesome. .. like better than waiting 8 months for no progress... 

Hopefully someone will post an update.

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