Everyone knows how frustrating a slow wireless connection can be. This short guide will help you troubleshoot the issue at hand and hopefully resolve the issues you're experiencing. Unfortunately this guide will not help anyone with an Apple router, or a single band router. Please ensure you have a dual band router and network speed issues before trying this. To check if you have speed issues please go to our speed test.

Let's get started:

Step 1.

Open up your browser(Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and type in your Router/Default Gateway address.

NOTE: If you do not know how to find your default gateway address please look here!

Step 2.

It should prompt you for a user name and password. This should be provided in the manual your router came with. Otherwise google the username and password before continuing, to do this flip your router over and find the model number. Type in the model number followed by "default user and pass", ex. "EA6400 default user and pass" , without the quotes.

Step 3.

You're now configuring your router. Find a tab for wireless in the browser (Normally under advanced section).

Step 4.

If you have a dual band router, try renaming the two SSID's to something different from one another, for example my home router has Manley2.4 and Manley5.0, this corresponds to the two bands my router can use, hence dual band router.

Step 5.

Save the configuration and exit.

Step 6.

Run our speed test and see if it is solved.

If all issues are resolved, enjoy your great service! If not call our support team at (585) 351-6600 ext 2.