Netgear Router Setup:

1. Please make sure all the cables related to the wireless router are plugged in and firmly inserted. (It is recommend to use wired connection to set up)

2: How to enter the router's GUI?

    To log into the web GUI:

     Open a web browser and navigate to your device’s configuration page by typing wireless router’s address into the address bar.

3. Select Let me choose.
     Then select Router Mode
        Then select Next.
4. Select No and write down your Wifi name(SSID) and password for safe keeping.
        Then select next.

5.  Complete form to create new Admin access to your router. 

6.  Un-check both and select Next.

7. Complete Firmware Update if needed.
    Select yes.  

8. Setup Complete!  You can complete the product registration at your own choosing.  You should now be able to access the internet!